56 - Full Moan (Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag)

This week Matt Booth and I "back-muse" Teenage Dirtbag, the self-produced, nakedly sensitive, “comfortably pathetic” song I ended up kind of loving. Matt remembers using these lyrics to experiment with cussing, and I remember how weird the song sounded to me as a kid.

We cover the violent DJ scribbling, superfluous (and completely inaudible) percussion instruments, “controversy” over the singer’s middle name, the teen-movie music video, the bizarre wikipedia/history of the band, an archived bio from their y2k webpage, and ironic sex.

Good music: Blink-182's new-ish single (with Matt Skiba) "Bored to Death"

“Were any of these scenes from the movie they’re referencing, or did they have to shoot a shitty movie and then shoot a whole shitty, involved music video too?”