116 - My Chemical Valentine (Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up)


This week we revisit the sick & twisted mind of Jimmy Urine and Mindless Self Indulgence with their 2005 single "Shut Me Up." Is this the most shocking band we've ever covered?

This isn't your daddy or mommy's episode of That Awful Sound, and we get offensive as hell as Emma traces her contamination with the MSI virus back to a single Juggalette on LiveJournal.

We try and fail to censor Mr. Urine's over-the-top lyrics about drinking black coffee and about how music has both bass and treble; question his purported love of black metal; and gasp at totally rAnDoM acts of violence in the music video, which was directed by the creator of Invader Zim, is DEFINITELY on drugs, and helped a youtube commentator finally realize class consciousness and anti-racism.

Music We Like: Mogwai - "Every Country’s Sun", Graham Nash - "Songs For Beginners," Neil Young - "Hitchhiker"