115 - The Gynoid Is High (Orgy - Fiction aka Dreams in Digital)

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This week we get too drunk and cover Nu Nu Metal band Orgy and their y2k cybergoth single, “Fiction (Dreams in Digital).” 

Our guest Kevan describes the complications of buying an Orgy CD as a minor, we discuss how art in general has a bad track record of portraying comas as “beautiful” (including cultural titans like The Mars Volta and Monkeybone), we give competing theories about whether this song is about A.I. or a G.G. (Gamer Girlfriend), Jay Gordon removes his ribs for a different reason, and Emma gives the worldwide debut performance of a parody version of the song I found online that takes late-90’s establishment Democrats to task.

Music We LIke: Racetraitor’s “By The Time I Get To Pennsylvania,” Godflesh’s “Songs of Love and Hate in Dub,” and Vijay Iyer Sextet’s “Far from Over”