117 - Fudgefinger (Primer 55 - Loose)

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This week we have a super fun episode about a song you probably don't remember by a band you definitely don’t remember: Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX’s “Loose” by Primer 55. 

We analyze the “new style” found in probably the most generic rap metal song in existence, aided and abetted by Incubus’s DJ and hed PE’s Jarod Gomes. What does “get loose” mean in this context? Why doesn't this vocalist sound the least bit loose?

Also: literal nu metal cringe, decoding the sexual messaging behind particular hairstyles in the nu metal community, contracting conjunctivitis in a push pit, an odd amount of singer J-Sin’s personal acquaintances in the comment section.

Music We Like: Lil Uzi Vert’s “Luv Is Rage 2” and Old Baby’s “Love Hangover”