102 - We Can, In Shallow Bay (Orgy - Blue Monday)

It's fairly ironic (or is it appropriate?) that I was unable to release this episode yesterday, because Emma Maatman and I are revisiting “Blue Monday,” Orgy’s “aggro-fied-for-the-1990s” version of the New Order classic.

We cover the angst-filled tone-shift in this incarnation of the song, harsh puns in the lyrics, and have an in-depth discussion about the intense makeup situation going on in this pretty-good music video.

Plus: genius.com contributors argue bitterly over who the real victims are in these lyrics, Wikipedia credits Orgy for The Matrix, Buckcherry starts beef with the band, Rihanna releases a covert cover of the cover that we discovered, and of course, plenty of wild comments from youtube and songmeanings.

Music We Like: Kamasi Washington’s “The Epic” and a huge helping of Afghan Whigs, including their new album, “In Spades”