101 - Prove Your Worth Through Dance (Spice Girls - Wannabe)

This week it's a ridiculously fun episode on Spice Girls' Wannabe from 1996. Emma laments having to be the Baby Spice in her friend group; I discover the stigma against my childhood crush, Sporty Spice; we reveal the strange and wonderful etymology of "zigazig ha," as well as the sordid pasts that the Girls want you to forget.

Also: charitable and WILDLY uncharitable interpretations of the song’s confusing message, the sociopathic behavior exhibited by the group in a music video with unsettling parallels to A Clockwork Orange, and an extra long, extra perverted comment section.

Music We Like: Gnarwhal's Crucial, Animal Collective's 2009 EP Fall Be Kind, and Ides of Gemini's new album Women