94 - Nature Ensues (Toto - Africa)

This week we dive back into Angie’s wheelhouse, “80’s songs that a lot of people hate.” We’re revisiting Toto’s Africa: a song about a man who sees “death and suffering” in Africa on TV and then compares the continent to a woman he wants to have sex with.

We have a song with about 5 layers of keyboards pretending to be marimbas, drums dressed up like hand drums but being played with sticks, burning a book titled “Africa,” standing on a book titled “Africa,” and brutally tortured lyrics like, “I know that I must do what's right, as sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti”

Music We Like: Chavez’s Cockfighters EP, the new At The Drive In, Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War, The Native Howl, and Soft Kill’s “Choke”