90 - Ode to Culture (No Doubt - Spiderwebs)

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This week we cover No Doubt’s Spiderwebs and its unthematic video in which the band performs for an unreceptive wedding party. We’re chatting about the pre-sexual camera-humping of Gwen Stefani, Sam Rami-style cinematography, and whether Joan Stefani couldn't have been the one to screen her daughter’s phone calls.

Also: fond memories of the local “steel drum guy,” and my guests relay stories about living in the Sublime house and being kissed by Lit singer AJ Popoff at a No Doubt concert.

Music we like: BossaCucaNova's "Bom dia Rio," Sisters of Mercy's Floodland, and Pile's "Dogs"

“I just broke up with my super hot bassist boyfriend, and I wanna get my crotch out there”