72 - Ozzy's Worth (Infectious Grooves - Therapy feat. Ozzy)

This week we're covering the terrible rap metal your older brother wasn't listening to: Suicidal Tendencies side project, Infectious Groove's "Therapy" featuring Ozzy. 

Guest Jerry "Wazzup" Woolbright remembers being introduced to this band in second grade by an older cousin as a way to bridge the gap between hair metal and punk, and we revel in another euphemism for mental illness involving a train and Ozzy Osbourne.

Also in this episode: The band's appearance in Encino Man, this video's ties to adult swim, and multiple songwriting credits on this album attributed to fictional characters (really).

Recommended in this episode: Suicidal Tendencies (obviously), Neurosis' "Fires Within Fires" and the films Murder Party, Blue Ruin, and Green Room