67 - 2 Klose 4 Komfort (Kottonmouth Kings - Peace Not Greed)

This week we have an episode that I’m shocked was possible. I’m talking to Kevan Aguilar, who was more than happy to subvert expectations by sharing his summer-long love affair with the incredibly awful Kottonmouth Kings.

We’re dissecting Peace Not Greed from the year 2G featuring Jack Grisham of TSOL and an total lack of perspective on police brutality. Kevan talks about identifying with the anti-authoritarian message of the song, his mom being cool with him hanging a poster of the band holding a giant platter of weed, and how this may relate to him becoming straightedge shortly thereafter.

Also: a quaintly optimistic take on the effects of weed legalization, a weird intersection of fake libertarianism and new age spirituality, and lots of juicy youtube beef.

Stuff We Like:

Kevan’s band New Ruin: www.TheNewRuin.bandcamp.com

Humanities: www.humanities.bandcamp.com

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s Sworn Virgins: www.orlprojects.bandcamp.com/album/sworn-virgins