39 - Braveheart, But About Puka Shells (Real Slim Shady & Get Back)

This week, my guest and I dissect Real Slim Shady, perhaps the goofiest of sound fx wizard Eminem’s interchangeable shock-rap tracks, and Get Back by Zebrahead, a rap-metal song which, much like Real Slim Shady, is a nonsensical mishmash of pop culture references.

My guest discusses being a closet Eminem fan, his father being an outspoken Eminem fan, and somehow growing up to be a halfway decent human being after listening to this in middle school. I argue that being a dorky version of Limp Bizkit is worse than the real thing and discover a line-for-line christian parody of our Eminem track.

Good music discussed on this episode: Savages, Death Grips, and some of Eminem’s better material