123 - The Mark, Tom, and Truman Show (Blink 182 - I Miss You) (Tom Delonge)

i miss you (logo only).jpg

Happy Halloween! This week we cover the apparently spooky "I Miss You," from Boxcar Racer + Mark Hoppus supergroup: Blink 182.

We try to figure out whether Blink 182 or My Chemical Romance started this emo/goth/pop punk trend; wade through the deepest, darkest realms of genius annotations; and guest Nick Guenzler struggles between his personal relationship with the band and the overwhelming cringe-iness of the song;

We of course also cover Tom Delonge’s infamous “WHERE ARE YOU” verse, his attempts at sincere-face in the music video, and a youtube comment tailored so specifically to us that it’s scary.

Music We Like: King Krule - OOZ, Fearing - A Life Of None, and Tones on Tail