119 - Irony Babies (Alanis Morrisette - Ironic)

Ironic 2.png

This week, against my will, we're making fun of Actual Good Song "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette. My guest Shaina Turian and I share memories about growing up with Jagged Little Pill, as cohost Emma scoffs from the sidelines.

We desperately try to avoid the tired, “this isn't ironic” commentary and focus on what’s truly worth talking about: the disproportionate degrees of misfortune in the lyrics and their occasional similarities to a Mentos commercial, how it’s actually pretty good and cool that Alanis didn't care about the definition of “irony” when writing this song, and whether the characters in the music video are figments of her imagination or degenerative clones.

Also: How Futurama struck back against this song, the “massive amount of scatting” going on in 90’s fem rock, and smoking weed out of Bugles

Music We Like: Jagged Little Pill, Ariel Pink's "Dedicated to Bobby Jameson," and Cass McCombs' "Mangy Love"