108 - Polygod (Blindside - Pitiful)

This week we discuss our second Christian song in two weeks (the first of course being OPM’s seminal hit “Heaven is a Halfpipe”), “Pitiful” by Blindside, Christianity’s answer to Refused. 

Emma shares her memories of relating to this song despite her secular upbringing, and guest Michael Muñoz describes not recognizing the religious themes of this song despite his Christian upbringing. We dive into amazing lyrics about nails being driven into “beautiful hands,” and try to figure out how a devout Christian band can be filled with so much angst.

Also: we finally get to see whats going on outside of the “rotating room” music video trope, the uncomfortable master/slave dynamic between singer Christian and his namesake, and the lyrical twist that serves as the crux of these lyrics but also doesn't quite work.